“A saxophonist of unusual sophistication…Changing his color in ways so sensitive that he bordered on alchemist. His opening notes resembled a French horn for all the overtones produced, and elsewhere he was a ghostly wisp that seemed to defy the stocky tone with which we might assume saxophonists are stuck.”

-Philadelphia Inquirer

“A major force in the saxophone world…He has a nice and resonant sound; he boasts an excellent set of fingers and articulation; he phrases with an artistic awareness well beyond his years; and he tackles the postmodernist content of his program with extreme volume shifts, daring color changes, and a deft command of glissandos and slap tongue…his vibrato is thoughtfully rendered, always warm and well placed…”

-American Record Guide

“Absolutely stunning! Wintringham is now 22, but nothing short of a virtuoso…The sweet and tender characteristics of the saxophone touched the heart of the listeners. For the saxophone octet ‘Passacaglia’
by Derr, Mr. Wintringham displayed his fabulous talent as a chamber musician.”

-The Sax Magazine, Japan

“Saxophonist Jonathan Wintringham can make his horn sing. When he plays, his sound has a way of swallowing a room and all that's
in it, drawing you into the musical world he is creating. He is young and exciting, as audiences last spring learned when he performed Tomasi's Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.”

-Arizona Daily Star

“In Takashi Yoshimatsu’s Dream Colored Mobile, [Wintringham's] saxophone sounds more like a bassoon that’s been granted the power to reach notes that lie far above the bassoon’s range. Wintringham’s melodious, poetic solo rose from a subdued, dreamy background created by harp and string quartet.”

-Broad Street Review, Philadelphia

“I was not so much ‘pleasantly surprised’ as ‘blown away,’ first by the music itself and then by the performance…Wintringham’s saxophone sang effortlessly yet expressively…Wintringham scored a resounding triumph in three movements from Astor Piazzolla’s Histoire du Tango.

-The Chestnut Hill Local, Philadelphia

“To say that these musicians [including Wintringham] were top-notch is not giving them nearly enough credit. They were fabulous, each possessing a confidence and grace that comes from somewhere beyond experience…it’s easy to understand [Wintringham’s] accolades: this University of Arizona standout has the chops. He delivers a lovely sound that is graceful and exciting. You couldn’t help but lean forward in your seat and give this guy your full attention throughout his performance.”

 -Arizona Daily Star